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Menopausal women are the fastest growing group of workers in the UK. But despite it being a natural life process for women, the menopause – and how symptoms can affect your employees at work – is rarely discussed. At Talking Menopause, we’re here to change that.

We’re one of the leading providers of seminars, coaching and individually tailored programmes helping organisations transform their culture and create menopause-friendly workplaces. Our clients include forward-thinking organisations ranging from police forces, fire services, multinationals and privately-run firms, all who recognise the need for more awareness and visibility around the menopause. After all, every woman will go through it and one in four will experience severe symptoms.

Over 80% of women we surveyed said their menopause symptoms – which can impact concentration, energy, confidence and relationships with colleagues – have affected them at work. Around 10% of women have even given up work as a result of their menopause symptoms. Over 70% women do not share their symptoms with their employer.

We know when there is more menopause awareness in the workplace and staff feel supported on their menopause journey, there is a lower rate of absenteeism and a greater sense of workplace satisfaction. Whether that’s introducing flexible working or updating your health and wellbeing policy, we’ll work in partnership with you to give all employees the confidence to be open about the menopause at work.

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"Thanks for providing insight, myth busting tips & making menopause discussions easy for me as a man and a leader – the day was a huge success and delegates were inspired."

—Chief Constable, Dorset Police