Training Workshops


Talking Menopause Workshops are tailored to a specific audience, whether that be women struggling to manage the symptoms of their menopause, their line managers, male colleagues or a mixture of everyone. 

Our workshops are interactive, and renowned for being hugely engaging, which is found to be especially important when discussing such a sensitive subject - one that is still considered, by many, to be taboo.

Each workshop will typically include a comprehensive awareness session, a question and answer session, and time for open discussions and to offer guidance and advice.

Raising awareness about the menopause throughout your organisation will sufficiently equip your personnel with the necessary facts and information to help them effectively manage the menopause in the workplace.  


Awareness Sessions

The main aim of our awareness sessions is to equip attendees with non-biased, evidence based facts on the menopause, giving them the confidence to start a menopause conversation at work and have the tools to explore practical solutions to help themselves or their colleagues.

Our informative sessions typically last for two hours and cover a broad range of menopause related topics including:

  • Key facts to help understand and recognise the menopause and its symptoms

  • Information to explain the impact of menopause on an organisation and the workforce

  • Practical and effective solutions to help support and manage menopause at work

Awareness sessions can also form part of equality and diversity training, be that as part of a wellbeing programme, through Occupational Health, or as an aspect of line manager training.

Women Only Workshops

The importance of providing a safe place for women to discuss menopause at work should not be underestimated. Feedback from our women-only workshops shows that attendees leave feeling they are no longer alone, and are armed with sufficient confidence, knowledge and understanding about the menopause to help them better manage their own, and their colleagues, menopause journey in the workplace.

Being given the time and space to openly discuss menopause with other women undoubtedly helps female employees realise that their organisation is serious about supporting their health and mental wellbeing, with many organisations also choosing to have senior level attendance and/or endorsement of the events.



Men Only Workshops

Many men are also significantly affected by the menopause, whether through personal experience with a female partner or through difficulties within the workplace. Both personal relationships and those within the workplace can suffer and have a detrimental impact on men.

Feedback from male employees who have attended our workshops has shown that many men fully appreciate being given the opportunity to learn the facts about the menopause and how symptoms can seriously affect their female partners and colleagues. Many men have expressed relief at finally understanding this period of transition in a woman’s life and being able to offer appropriate support.

Manager Workshops

Despite a huge social movement to remove the taboo around menopause, the subject is often still not recognised as being something that needs to be managed in the workplace.

Our Manager Workshops seek to address this by focusing on the manager’s role by considering:

  • How employee legislation should impact on decision-making

  • The provision of practical tools and solutions

  • ‘Reasonable adjustments’ in the workplace

  • How to practice inclusive management through leadership

  • Creating the right culture and environment

  • How to approach conversations about the menopause

It is acutely clear that if women are encouraged to be open about their menopause, then it is equally as important that they receive appropriate responses and support from their managers.


Addressing the challenges of the menopause can be a daunting task, both for those suffering symptoms, and their colleagues and managers, but with the UK workforce getting older and more women than ever in employment, now is the ideal time for organisations to take action and raise awareness.

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