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Every woman’s menopause experience is unique, and every organisation will naturally be at a different stage on their menopause journey.

The experts at Talking Menopause will work closely with you to understand your organisation’s existing culture, its place on the menopause journey, and how the menopause fits within any existing wellbeing, diversity and inclusion agenda, in order to help develop a tailored menopause programme to perfectly fit the business’ needs.

Simple changes have been shown to create huge impact across organisations. Talking Menopause can provide consulting services to help achieve appropriate visibility, within current organisational context and configuration, to help support a cultural shift towards normalising menopause in the workplace.

Below are examples of some of our key services, all of which can be tailored and developed to create a uniquely bespoke programme designed to achieve the very best, and most effective, outcome for your organisation.


Menopause Survey

Our unique menopause survey is a great place to start to understand current thoughts about menopause in your workplace.

The anonymous survey, aimed at all employees, consists of 11 questions and seeks to baseline the current status of menopause in a particular workplace.  It is available to be completed approximately one month prior to a Talking Menopause event, with the results being analysed and presented back to the organisation with suggestions for next steps.  

The results of the survey are also used as discussion topics in our workshops, in particular for line managers, to help identify appropriate next steps, and can also be used as an evidence base to present to senior leaders.


Talking Menopause at Work (1 Hour Webinar)

Our live, one hour introductory webinar has the advantage of reaching large numbers of employees across multiple sites. Aimed across all levels of the organisation, the webinar has the objective of introducing the menopause, and its impact on employees and the workplace, to hundreds (or even thousands) of employees, both men and women.

The live webinar, in the format of slides with audio feed, would include a live Q&A session plus an opportunity for written and ‘off-line’ questions afterwards.


Targeted Workshops

Talking Menopause Workshops are tailored to a specific audience, whether that be women struggling to manage the symptoms of their menopause, their line managers, male colleagues or a mixture of everyone. 

Our workshops are interactive, and renowned for being hugely engaging, which is found to be especially important when discussing such a sensitive subject - one that is still considered, by many, to be taboo.

Each workshop will typically include a comprehensive awareness session, a question and answer session, and time for open discussions and to offer guidance and advice.

Raising awareness about the menopause throughout your organisation will sufficiently equip your personnel with the necessary facts and information to help them effectively manage the menopause in the workplace.  


Wellbeing Campaigns

Our experts can provide advice, guidance and support throughout all Talking Menopause activities, tailored to your organisational need.  

Through regularly helping to progress the work of the many support groups and women’s networks that contact us, our team has accrued a plethora of information and experience that can be passed on during engagement with your employees, in particular in the area of ‘next steps’ and how your organisation can take menopause support to the next level.


Peer to Peer Menopause Support / Menopause Champion Training

The main objective of this element of our training is to help equip workplace volunteers with the knowledge and tools to support others in the organisation who are experiencing menopause. 

Peer to Peer support, sometimes referred to as Menopause Champion Training, provides a workforce with a single point of contact for menopause, and equips volunteers with the knowledge and tools to support and signpost staff and managers in relation to menopause issues. 

This level of knowledge is achieved through workshops that take the volunteer through case studies to ensure they are confident to act as required. Volunteers will receive ongoing support from Talking Menopause and have the opportunity to be part of the Talking Menopause Client Community where ideas and good practice can be shared.


Menopause policy guidance

Talking Menopause would generally advocate that an organisation will not need to create further policy in the workplace to manage matters relating to the menopause.  

Our experts are ideally placed to be able to advise, and help your organisation take action to review existing policies and guidance, to ensure that menopause is incorporated and clearly visible as part of your organisation’s policies as a whole.  

A Talking Menopause programme tailored to your organisation’s exact needs will ensure you are working to increase productivity, staff retention and reduce absenteeism, as well as providing the very best, and most effective, support for women, their colleagues and managers.

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