Online Learning Modules

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CPD Accredited and taught by menopause professionals

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Train your team conveniently
and at their own pace

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Active learning through video
and real-life examples

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Learn the challenges & practical solutions for menopause at work


Are your employees spread across a number of locations, or not office-based?

Our new online learning modules are designed to give employees the confidence to be open about the challenges of menopause in the workplace, and give their colleagues the knowledge to support them.


Our CPD-accredited online programme, aimed at all employees, is the ideal and cost-effective solution for educating a wider audience, giving your employees the flexibility to learn at a time and pace most convenient to them.

Consisting of four active modules, and designed by menopause professionals, our programme is an ideal solution for everyone within an organisation, from menopausal women to their colleagues, managers and directors.

Learning methods are user-friendly, using video and real-life examples, and including guest presenters such as renowned menopause specialist, Dr Louise Newson and Assistant Chief Constable, Devon & Cornwall Police, Sharon Taylor.

Our programme will help employees:

  • Focus on understanding the challenges of the menopause and explore the importance of its impact in the workplace

  • Reflect on managing the menopause and develop essential skills and competencies, including those around:

    • Menopausal symptoms

    • Challenges faced by women

    • Employee legislation

    • Practical and effective solutions to manage the menopause at work

Employees will be encouraged to look at their own working environment to assess the current level of visibility around the menopause, and, through study and reflection, will learn the non-biased, evidence based facts and practical tools to manage the menopause at work. 

Our user-friendly programme incorporates multiple-choice assessment at the end of each module, with a certificate awarded to each student upon completion.

With menopausal women being demographically the fastest growing group of workers in the UK, and one in five experiencing severe symptoms likely to affect them, their colleagues and managers in the workplace, it makes sense for every organisation to urgently raise awareness about the menopause.

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