Menopause on the lunch menu

Last month we were invited to present a number of 30-minute menopause awareness sessions as part of Northamptonshire’s Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s Wellbeing Festival 2019. The event was held at Wicksteed Park in Kettering which is a beautiful location set in acres of stunning parkland. 

This was the second year we have been invited to the event, so we were thrilled to return. Once again, the day was a huge success with all kind of activities being held in separate marquees, so in terms of being outside in the fresh air and in a beautiful location, the stage was set for what was once again a successful wellbeing event for our hard working NHS staff.

 As you know we are always looking to source good ideas from the organisations we work with and once again we were not disappointed.  

I listened to part of a presentation on mental health by Dr Hazel Wallace ( about what workplaces could do to support their staff especially around nutrition and mental health. 

One of the ideas was to commit to lunch sharing. 

Dr Wallace described lunch sharing as being good for mental health by providing social support to individuals, helping them not to feel alone and isolated - something we know affects menopausal women in the workplace. 

Whilst lunch sharing is not something new, (and I have certainly heard this as a suggestion from the nutritionists we work with - even going as far as making each other’s lunch – healthy of course!), how about sharing lunch with another menopausal women and combining healthy eating with supportive discussions around menopause? Add a walk in there too and hey presto what a fantastic recipe for a healthy lunchtime. 

I know at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham for example, one menopausal women has attracted many women to her lunchtime walking group, motivated by her own experiences.  So we know it works.

At a time when women may be feeling vulnerable and not knowing where to turn, just to know that there are others experiencing the same and are happy to listen is a huge comfort.

So, there you have it a really practical way to boost your mental health, eat healthily and get a bit of exercise in the company of a like-minded women – a real recipe for success.

I hope you agree it is definitely worth a try, and if you do, please let us know how you get on as we would love to hear your stories and see your pictures too.

Sarah Davies