Inspiration to share menopause good news

Whenever we’re on our travels around all the different organisations we support with engaging and educating their teams about the menopause,, we‘re always on the lookout for great ideas showing how workplaces are raising awareness about the subject.

So, on a recent visit to Asda George in Lutterworth, imagine my delight when on a visit to the lady’s toilet, I found that not only did they have a basket of sanitary products available in the wash area, but they also had a really helpful poster on the back of the toilet door. 

This poster was about ‘agile working’, not menopause, describing how an Asda colleague had reaped huge benefits from this way of working. It really was a fantastic and positive story of how Asda had helped her and my immediate thoughts were that this was such a great idea, and that it would so easily transfer to stories about the menopause. 

We all know that women can feel alone and isolated at work and often do not seek help or even know where to go to get that help and support.

Wouldn’t it be great if women who have had a positive experience with their employers around menopause were able to share their good news and success stories with others? There is so much negative press about menopause - wouldn’t it be good to sell a good news story for a change  We realise, of course, that for some women menopause is a very private matter, but there are others who are happy to share, and when they do they can help and inspire so many other women.

Asda has very kindly agreed to us sharing their poster (see below). We hope it inspires you to do something similar, and if you do, we’d love to hear about it!

By kind permission of Asda George, Lutterworth.

By kind permission of Asda George, Lutterworth.

Sarah Davies