Is there a lack of menopause awareness & support in your organisation?

Why your organisation needs to start Talking Menopause


The UK workforce is getting older, with a higher number of women in employment. This means more women than ever before are going through menopause while in work.


Studies have shown that around 50% of women have reported finding work difficult due to their menopausal symptoms, affecting not only them, but also their colleagues.


Employers are responsible for the health, diversity & inclusion of all employees. Menopausal women & their colleagues need support as part of a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

How to start Talking Menopause

By working in partnership with you, using a tailored method of delivery, Talking Menopause will offer insight into the effects of the menopause, support for those experiencing it, and practical understanding and workplace considerations for their managers and colleagues.

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Industry Leading

Talking Menopause is a leading provider of workshops, webinars and individually tailored programmes helping organisations transform their culture and create menopause-friendly workplaces.

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forward-thinking clients

Our clients include many forward-thinking organisations, from the public, private & not-for-profit sectors, both large & small, all of whom recognise the need for more menopause awareness and visibility.

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It Affects us all

Every woman will go through the menopause and around one in five will experience severe symptoms that are likely to affect them, and their colleagues, in the workplace.

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Menopausal women are demographically, the fastest growing group of workers in the UK. Despite it being a natural life process for women, the menopause – and how symptoms can affect your employees at work – is rarely discussed.

Get your organisation Talking Menopause

“Thanks for providing insight, myth busting tips & making menopause discussions easy for me as a man and a leader – the day was a huge success and delegates were inspired.”
— Chief Constable, Dorset Police