Our team of experts are on hand to support your business and create a culture of openness around menopause in the workplace.

We know that simple changes can have a huge impact across an organisation: from increased productivity and staff retention to reduced absenteeism and greater staff satisfaction.

To achieve this we provide bespoke, interactive programmes focused on helping your organisation engage with, accept and prioritise the menopause.


What we offer:

Webinars, workshops, one2one and team coaching and conferences, all tailored to suit your organisation and for all levels of staff.

Online modular training focused on educating larger numbers of employees at their own pace. This training is flexible, convenient and cost-effective.

Support for HR departments and line managers, including an overview of menopause in the workplace and how to make it part of your employee health and wellbeing programme.

Comprehensive toolkit to support women on their menopausal journey and ensure productivity levels are managed and absenteeism reduced.


Manager workshops covering employment law and practical advice on becoming more inclusive.  

Awareness sessions to create a culture of openness around the menopause, increasing staff satisfaction and retention.

Staff surveys to understand current thoughts about menopause in your workplace.


We understand that every workplace is unique, so we work closely with you to ensure our services are aligned to your existing culture, policies, working practices and wellbeing strategy.

Why your organisation needs to start Talking Menopause…


The UK workforce is getting older, with a higher number of women in employment. This means more women than ever before are going through menopause while in work.


Studies have shown around 50% of women have reported finding work somewhat or fairly difficult due to their menopausal symptoms. And we know that menopause at work affects men as well as women.


As employers, you’re responsible for the health and safety of all employees. Working in partnership with you, we can help you support menopausal women as part of a holistic approach to employee health and wellbeing.